Identification Products for Industry

General industrial applications can run the gamut from harsh environment labeling to ruggedized membrane switches. Regardless of the specific application, the common thread is a need for quality, performance, and on-time delivery. We work with our customers in every phase of program management from design review to supply chain management, to ensure a superior level of service.

Identification products provide a number of uses. Typical applications include focusing attention on critical input keys (“emergency stop”, etc), assisting inventory control with variable data in the form of barcodes or serial numbers, signage for critical high-traffic areas, and many other parameters. For any of these applications, we can provide your team with options for form and function to meet your needs.

Products which we supply to this market include:

  • Standard and harsh-environment labels and decals
  • Standard and ruggedized/outdoor membrane switches and flex circuits
  • Nameplates and product badging
  • Gaskets and EMI/RFI shielding, thermal management solutions
  • Indoor and outdoor signage
  • Identification tags and labels, with static or variable text