Using Overlays to Enhance your Product value

EOverlays are typically used for identifying displays and switches on electronic controls, per the examples shown here. There are many types of substrates available, depending on the type of texture/finish desired, whether abrasion resistance is needed for display windows, etc. With our UV ink technology, we possess the capability to selectively texture the overlay when a combination of differently textured areas are required.

Overlays can be supplied with or without pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive. We have both laser cutting and die cutting in house where features need to be cut out or voided.

With both screen printing and digital printing in-house, the type of printing method used can vary from project to project. It can often depend on the color scheme, quantity needed, durability, weatherability, and a number of other factors. We will work with your engineering team to optimize a design that is both robust and cost-effective.