Silk screen printing machine

Symmetry: beauty derived from perfect proportions of size and color.

At Eclipse Screen Printing, we recognize that product identification is more than just a nameplate or label- it represents the image of your company.  Because your brand is your biggest asset, we focus on producing parts that have both aesthetic and functional appeal.

We believe that a world-class supplier should be more than just a vendor- they should be a true business partner.  From every phase of a project- from initial design to process optimization- we collaborate with our customers to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

As your business partner, we can offer input on design for manufacturability, keeping in mind the overall value proposition of cost, function, and product appeal.  Once your product is scaled up for production, we will work with your procurement team to provide a supply chain solution that assures on-time delivery and unparalleled quality.

And as a member of SGIA and a UL-authorized printer, we strive to stay current with new technologies in our industry, to provide you with most efficient technologies for meeting your needs.

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us with questions or opportunities. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.