At Eclipse, we recognize that the medical industry places high importance on quality and documentation, whether it is for medical devices or consumable products. To that end, we incorporate both in-process inspection and final assembly testing into our workflow. We have 100% inspection on all of our membrane switches, and each one is tagged with lot information for traceability. We are committed to interfacing with our customers’ teams to insure that we meet your quality requirements.

We can also assist with your supply chain requirements through vendor-managed inventory, kanban systems, or any number of logistics strategies that fit your specific needs. And we specialize in fast turn-around of orders to accommodate those unforeseen demand spikes that all companies have to deal with periodically.

Medical Industry Applications

  • Membrane switches, overlays and flex circuits for electronic assemblies
  • Nameplates and product badges
  • UL-compliant labels and decals
  • Gaskets and shrouds for EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management