Membrane Switches & Flex Circuits:


Membrane switches and flexible circuits utilize conductive and dielectric inks to create a trace circuit with a low profile. They are often used in industrial environments where it is necessary to seal a user control interface from outside contaminants. Often they include a flexible tail/connector for plugging into a PCB that interfaces with the medical device/assembly.

A membrane switch is essentially a flexible circuit with an overlay on top. An overlay is basically a decal that lies on top of the membrane switch and can incorporate a number of visual elements, including touch buttons and titles, display windows, functions, etc. The buttons/switches can have metal domes inserted between the overlay and circuit to provide that “pop” for positive tactile feedback, and the buttons on the overlay itself can be embossed to give additional definition to interface areas.


Our technical ability insures that you will have accurate registration between your circuit traces and the overlay/interface. Additionally, we do 100% testing of our switch assemblies to assure the highest level of quality. And we stay up to date with the latest ASTM standards to make sure that we are current with new technologies in the marketplace.

Whether you need ten parts or ten thousand, we can scale up to fit your needs.